full of many fine pianists but only a handful have a truly unique story...

The world is full of many fine pianists but only a handful have a truly unique story, and even fewer have that gift to compose. Iris Hond is one of the few.

Born in 1987, Iris began playing the piano at the ripe age of three years old. From the very first notes she played it was crystal clear she had an extraordinary pianistic talent. Dedicated to become a concertpianist, Iris got accepted at the most prestigious music academy in the country at age 14.

Because the distance from her home to school proved challenging, Iris stayed with a guest family. Shortly after settling in, Iris experienced an unsettling situation with her host and decided it was in her best interest and well being to leave the situation. Not wanting to tell her parents, Iris ended up spending a lot of time on the streets at 14 years old.

During these tough times Iris formed special relationships with the less privileged, the terminally ill, and even those in prisons. Remembering how these “special” people helped her, in return Iris gave free concerts to those in hospitals , prisons, and homeless shelters throughout the city. She continues to do this today.

In 2011, Iris graduated summa cum laude from the Royal Conservatory, graduating top of her class.

Handpicked to open for Diana Ross Iris continues to build an extensive concert career selling out shows worldwide.